Why Carpestology is best in End of Lease Carpet Cleaning?

At Carpestology, we understand that all property owners want their carpets to look sparkling clean for new tenants.

We use the 8-Step Carpet Steam Cleaning process for end of lease carpet cleaning, as it is the most thorough and deepest clean available. This method will eliminate and remove dirt, sand, dust mites, pollens, mould and bacteria as well as stains and odours. At Carpestology, our technicians have been fully trained for and worked with the requirements of real estate property managers. We professionally steam clean your carpets to the standard of a vacate property clean and provide you with a detailed tax invoice receipt

Why Carpestology is best in End of Lease Carpet Cleaning?

Our end of lease carpet cleaning will leave your Brisbane property clean and sparkling, while our end of lease pest control services will ensure you don’t leave any nasty critters or bugs behind.

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Give Yourself the Best Chance of Receiving Your Full Bond

If you want your full bond back, simply vacuuming your floor won’t cut it.

We’ve become well known as the best service in the Brisbane area for restoring carpets and getting rid of any pests at the end of the lease, helping you as tenants to secure your bond.

Simply clean your rental property and our team of professionals will get to work bringing your carpets back to life and removing any stains or pests in the process. This will keep your landlord’s onside with the property looking fresh and like new, ready for the next tenants to arrive.

At the end of a Carpestology carpet cleaning service, your property will be looking as good as new just in time to hand in the keys to your agent. And you’ll also receive that vital professional carpet cleaning certificate required by most real estate agents to apply for your bond.

For end of lease carpet cleaning, together with targeted pest control, the experts at Carpestology are on your side.

We use commercial equipments & methods

With our powerful, commercial-grade cleaning equipment and methods tailored to your floor, we will target the stubborn stains and problem areas as well as perform a deep overall clean and pest management to restore your carpets to their original state.

So don’t leave it to chance – if you want your bond back, you can’t afford to ignore professionally cleaning your floors.

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In situations like these, it may simply be time for an update.

If you’re standing in a carpet store looking blankly at all the samples, you’re not alone – it’s tricky business. The right carpet pattern can complete the room and make the interior sing, while the wrong pattern may look awkward and throw off the interior completely.  So how do you get it right?