Why should I clean my carpets every 6 months?

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If pet accidents, spilled wine and dirty shoes make your carpet a stain magnet and you wonder how occasionally you should clean them then this post is for you! Carpets are expensive to replace and thus knowing how to maintain them can save you lot of money. People feel that cleaning carpets occasionally can write them off but that is not the case. Cleaning the carpets make them durable as otherwise, carpets absorb unwanted matter which tarnishes their surface. If you need any consultation don’t hesitate and drop us a line.


As already stated, cleaning carpets help in extending the life of the carpet. It removes unwanted stains and helps in retaining the appearance of the carpets. The fibers of the carpet stay durable with regular cleaning. The dirt particles go deep into the roots of the carpets which tear their lifespan. In other words, it could be said that regular cleaning provides you considerable saving in the long term.


Clean carpet always looks attractive! It is free of stains and gives an aesthetic appeal to the interiors of your home. The carpets can get spots from spillage, potty of pets, blood stains, ink markers and grease stains too! If these spots are cleaned regularly then it retains their attractive appearance. Carpet cleaning Brisbane experts ensure that fine particles which add to the appearance of the carpets are not removed during normal maintenance.

Bad odours:

Along with bacteria and allergens, carpets can also trap odours. The smell from urine and faeces of pets don’t evaporate and rather stay in the fibres of the carpets causing the foul smell in interiors. It is significant to involve professionals to remove even the toughest of odours from the carpets! Hence, it becomes easy to clean them in six months!

Health Benefits:

If you have kids, pets and elders at home then hygiene is your first preference. Carpets absorb a lot of bacteria, dust particles, and allergens which can contaminate the environment of your house. You might not see but your carpets contain a lot of pollutants including solid and gaseous components. Thus, it is necessary to clean the carpets and sanitise them for a happier and healthier home!


Dirty carpets can become a major reason for respiratory problems and allergies among kids and elders. This is because carpets are made up of absorbent materials and require deep cleaning for total dirt and bacterial removal. The contaminants absorbed by carpets also create foul orders and thus makes it difficult to breathe! Cleaning them in every six months will ensure a healthy environment.

Apart from these, always follow some cleaning tips like always act fast when a stain happens and choose to bot over scrubbing, use a white paper towel or clean absorbent cloth to remove the stain! If you are looking for Carpet cleaning in Brisbane then look no further. We at Carpestology have brought a trustworthy and affordable range of carpet cleaning services for your entire home. the team at Carpestology will ensure to make the carpets f your home spotless.

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