Is There a Difference Between Dry
Cleaning and Steam Cleaning?

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There are several different methods to consider when it comes to carpet cleaning. But why carpet cleaning is our need? Most people will clean their carpets using their vacuum cleaners, but professional carpet cleaning companies like Carpestology have their own methods. The two main methods used by professionals are dry cleaning and steam cleaning. There are pros and cons to each method, and they do indeed have some differences to consider.

Wetness or Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning, despite the name, actually involves using a stream of hot water and cleaning solutions. The mixture is pushed deep into the carpet and cleans it. The water will then be suctioned out, leaving everything clean and dry. Dry cleaning doesn’t use up much water as the cleaning is primarily done by the cleaning chemicals.

Chemical washing or Dry Cleaning

The dry cleaning process involves strong chemicals that interact with dirt in a carpet break it and eliminate it. These chemicals are the reason may be asked to leave your house during the cleaning, as there is the risk of inhaling chemical fumes if you stay.

Steam cleaning involves the use of hot water and cleaning solutions at high pressure. While steam cleaning also involves chemicals, it involves much less than dry cleaning. Effectively, steam cleaning is safer than dry cleaning.

Machines Used at Carpestology

As steam cleaning involves using highly pressurised hot water to clean a carpet, the machines used in the process are more powerful than the ones used for dry cleaning. With dry cleaning, all you need is a machine that robs the chemicals into the carpet before vacuuming it out along with the dust when the processes complete. At Carpestology, we used high density and pressurised machines, which make sure both dry and steam cleaning.

This difference is one that can directly affect you, the homeowner. Dry cleaning allows you to step back onto the carpet within a few hours of it being cleaned.

Given that steam cleaning involves using water, the carpet may be a bit damp when everything is said and done. It’s best to avoid stepping onto a steam cleaned carpet for up to 24-hours or longer to give it time to completely dry out without getting marked or scuffed. Carpestology steam carpet cleaning and dry cleaning work well, but a steam clean goes much deeper and is more effective. The hot water breaks apart dirt all the way to the bottom of the carpet before sucking it all out with a powerful machine. That’s why people use carpestology for cleaning carpets in Brisbane.

Which carpet cleaning process is good? Steam or Dry huh!

How long it takes to do each type of cleaning also varies. Choosing a particular method because it costs less or because of the time it takes to complete could reduce the overall lifespan of your carpet. Be sure to carefully consider the options and keep in mind that the cheapest option isn’t always the best.

Don’t wait too long to get your carpets cleaned either. It’s a little too late if the dust has got you and your family coughing and sneezing. Getting your carpets cleaned on a regular basis keeps them looking good and makes them last longer overall while keeping dust and other allergens at bay.

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