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Carpet Cleaning & Pest Control Prices That Are Hard To Beat!

For affordable Carpet Cleaning Brisbane Wide that delivers first-class results, Carpestology is the only place you need to turn.

We pride ourselves on offering a professional, high quality carpet cleaning and pest control service at unbeatable prices. Have the time to do a cost comparison? We’re sure you’ll find we’re much more affordable than our competitors. So save yourself the time, you won’t be disappointed.

At Carpestology, quality and affordability go hand in hand because we firmly believe that you can have both. Our pest control and carpet cleaning prices speak for themselves, and you’ll be amazed when you see the results!

If you’re ready to experience our services for yourself, fill out a quick online quote or just contact us to get started.

Why Are Our Prices So Good?

We know you have better things to spend your money on than steam cleaning your carpets or removing unwanted creepy crawlies from your home. We’re thinking dinner at your favourite restaurant, new clothes, or that much needed tropical holiday.

We also know many of our clients are needing to clean their carpet at the end of a lease or before selling their home. The cost of removal, new bonds, agency fees and house repairs all add up, and we understand the purse strings are tight during this time. That’s why we make our prices affordable.

Our commitment to each of our clients is to deliver an outstanding experience from beginning to end. That means cheap carpet cleaning no matter where you are in Brisbane, commercial-grade quality no matter the size of the room being cleaned, exceptional attention to detail and service that goes above and beyond your expectations.

In today’s competitive marketplace, this is what makes us stand out, and what brings our clients back to us again and again.

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Carpestology Offers the Most Reliable and Trusted Carpet Cleaning Service Brisbane Wide!

Carpet Cleaning & Pest Control Prices!


*STANDARD ROOM SIZE 14sqm 100% Satisfaction Guarantee


*STANDARD ROOM SIZE 14sqm 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

*STANDARD ROOM SIZE 14sqm 100% Satisfaction Guarantee


Ask for Details 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Our Competitive Prices Don’t Impact Our Service

Offering competitive prices doesn’t mean we’ve skimped on the quality or professionalism of our services. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. We’ve invested in the latest technology and equipment to make our steam cleaning of carpets and upholstery highly effective and efficient.

We also have invested time in training the Carpestology team to ensure they know the best ways to tackle your stubborn stains and dirty carpets. Their knowledge of stain removal, types of upholstery, pest behaviour and cleaning techniques is outstanding, which is why we’ve become well known as the best carpet cleaning and pest control service in Brisbane.

Our knowledge and experience, coupled with the latest cleaning and pest control equipment means we can complete your job efficiently and at an incredibly high standard.

So before you think about heading to the supermarket for a DIY job and stocking up on expensive, toxic cleaning products, have a look at our prices.

Our unbelievable carpet cleaning prices include the full works – stain removal (depending on the type of stain), pre-spraying, and deodorising and sanitising the carpets. We know you’ll be impressed with the results, if fact you may even think we have replaced your carpets with new ones!






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