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We start with a product called absorbing compound. Think about when you’re a little kid, you’re in grade school and one of your schoolmates got sick in the hallway on the old VCT tile. Usually the old janitor came down, there was some bucket of stuff he threw on the stuff that looked like sand through it on top of that and then it was sweep it up. That was an absorbing compound.
The idea of an absorbing compound mostly come in two different ways of doing this:

you have one that’s a synthetic compound, one that’s a natural compound

You’re going to do your principles of cleaning which means before you do anything you should vacuum the carpet. Secondly is normally you’re going to use a pre spray and on those products.
You would also use a pre spray to break down the soil at that point you will apply the compound.
It’s not necessary to know all this stuff if you Hire professional carpet cleaning Brisbane.