Carpets help to bring the color scheme and decor of a room together, so when they are not looking as good as they did when you first bought them, it affects how your whole home or office looks. Rather than try to do it yourself, hire Carpestology.

When you have a heavy piece of furniture and you apply it and place them on any open carpet, what’s going to happen is the fiber is going to crush and it will never contour back to its original shape.

About polypropylene.

If it’s a high-traffic area like in front of a couch you’re going to see the wear and tear quicker in an olden because the carpet will flatten out and not bounce back up. So it will show wear quicker the fiber also soils quicker.

It has a tendency to collect dirt more so than other fiber categories and one of the biggest negatives today that I commonly find with the majority of my clients is the fact that they complain polypropylene just isn’t consumer friendly when it comes to comfort.

Why is that well the fiber is quite abrasive and when visiting the store I suggest interact with the fiber rub your hand on top of it.

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