Carpestology understands the important role carpets play. They are not just practical floor coverings, but an integral part of the décor of your business or residential property. Whether it’s the carpets in your office or home that are starting to smell or looking grubby and stained, they can help.

What we’ve done is basically we added the flat into a residential cut pile product in pts and what it does it gives you the comfort of a softer Doron system.

But it gives it to you in a more pleasant casual design than the Berber all open polypropylene fibers.

The pros and cons of polyester, it’s a second source polymer.

It’s something that should have been thrown in a landfill and it’s actually being second source into your floor today.

When it comes down to PT and olefin they’re both basically in the same price range.

So if you had to choose your poison between a PT and Oliphant I would imagine most people would gravitate the PT because the cost is basically the same.

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